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Did you catch the last issue of Bismarck Magazine? If not, you missed my mug along with my buddy Ed Sargeant on their cover. While still employed at Agency MABU, Ed and I were lucky enough to be featured in the magazine talking about augmented reality. This all started when our boss Mike Mabin let us make a augmented reality Christmas card in the Chamber Connection. Although it was more a gimmick than anything, however, it helped set the tone that could get the conversation started among businesses locally which i felt it ended successfully in that regard. We presented this topic a couple times to area business professionals and this jump started our collaboration with Bismarck Magazine.

What is augmented reality you may ask? It takes the real world and incorporates technology into it through mediums such as a smart phone. Honestly, this isn’t new technology, however, due to recent viral craze from games such as Pokemon Go, the technology regained popularity and jumpstarted a new era.

Because I know he will be pissed if I didn’t credit him. Image by Glasser Images, Bismarck, ND.

My trade is design, specifically print design. Taking AR technology into the print world is exciting to think about as we continue to experiment and move this technology forward. Imagine while you’re reading your kids books before bed, some of these stories can come to life and surround their entire room, inspiring their minds, allowing them to be in the story and not just hearing it. Using more than a couple senses, you and your kids can explore the seven seas or through dense jungles searching for the lost temple of doom.

More to come…

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