Inktober 2016

I’ve realized recently that I haven’t drawn on purpose for a while and have been doing a whole lot more layout design. I hope in these next 30 days that I rekindle my inner artist and pump out some awesome lettering.

I feel lettering is more my passion as I like the restrictions that the alphabet provides and to find creative ways to create words.

Here’s to the next 30 days…game on.


Day 2 – ‘Beef Yo Shorts’ because we all have had this issue at some point in our lives…haha


Day 3 –


Day 4 – A creative mind full of ideas


Day 5 –


Day 6 –


Day 7 – The Files are moving…Ed and I have been moving files from our original server to the new and improved Odin.


Day 8 – Loose Lips Sink Ships


Day 9 – Fun Seal


Day 10 – Columbus Day


Day 11 – Drink More


Day 12 –


Day 13 – Happy Birthday Navy


Day 14 – Robo Cock


Day 15 – I opened my sketch book to do my #inktober drawing for the evening and found this gem from my little girl Finley. After a very long and awesome Navy filled day I felt this was a way better post then anything I was going throw together. Goodnight.


Day 16 – Davy Jones


Day 17-


Day 18 – Space Monkey Mr. Neville


Day 19 –


Day 20 –


Day 21 –


Day 22 –


Day 23 –


Day 24 –


Day 25 –


Day 26 –


Day 27 – Are we done yet?


Day 28 – Minion Power


Day 29 – Polar Regrigerator


Day 30 – Cubs need to win!


Day 31 – Im out People!

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